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It’s a well-known fact within the security industry that a security dog can do the work of up to five guards; with their experienced nose, dashing good looks, and “come get some” smile, a security K9 can be both an excellent deterrent, and a sensitive early warning system. Shieldwise services handlers are all trained to either NASDU, NIPDT or BIPDT standards, and all carry out regular continuation training. In addition to regular dog handling, for specialist projects we are able to source specialist dog teams, whether it be for high value asset protection, detection, or public relations.
Our dogs are much more than just “guard dogs” – the service they provide is so much more; officially branded as “General Purpose Security Dogs”, and the intelligence behind the service is far more involved than in times gone by. We work within the bounds of the Guard Dogs Act, which states that guard dogs should always be under full control of the handler – not only meaning that our dogs remain on a lead, but also are current with their training and familiar with their SIA Licensed handlers.