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Builders clean

Builders cleaning is often described as the removal of dust and debris that are generated from the work being carried out on site. It is often completed in preparation for a sparkle clean. It is important to keep the site clean during the construction phase, the benefits of our builders clean service are:

  • The hygiene of workers on site – by reducing dust particle content in the air and to ensure that hazards are not allowed to develop from the debris lying around.
  • Another benefit of a builders cleaning service on site is the ability to assess the real quality of the construction. When a new construction or refurbishment is covered in dust and debris from site activity it can difficult for the contractors and site managers to ensure that all work is being completed to the right standards.
  • The third benefit is that progressive cleaning is more efficient from the cleaner’s perspective because accessing tight spaces are easier when outer fittings have not been laid. This will also help to ensure dirt does not get covered up behind outer panels and fittings.

During a builders clean, appropriate risk assessment is carried out and we ensure that all our staff are aware of the potential hazards. We work together with other site operators to prevent accidents on site as well as professionally accommodate other site users.


Sparkle cleaning

Sparkle cleaning is often described as a “Handover clean”, it involves an in depth final cleaning following a new building or refurbishment project. Sparkle clean is a concentrated clean that gives attention to all areas including walls, flooring, fixtures and fittings. The sparkle cleaning is essential as it provides the wow factor required before the building is handed over to the end users. Sparkle cleaning is different to builders clean, this involves keeping on top of the cleaning while the building construction or refurbishment is still ongoing. Sparkle clean usually takes place in the last few days before the project completion date.

What does a sparkle clean involve?

Prior to the start date, we will provide a quotation based on the site requirements. We will maintain communication with site contractor in case of any change that will affect the job. When cleaning begins, we will always endeavour to work with site management to ensure a positive health and safety attitude from all of our staff.

Our team’s main objective when carrying out a sparkle clean is to provide a WOW factor. This means cleaning must reach all accessible areas of the site so that the end user will not find disappointment in the cleanliness once the building is in their hands. For us, this means: cleaning all reachable nooks and crannies, sterilising with hygiene in mind, using the best products while we strive to maintain our environmentally friendly ethos everywhere possible. We will also ensure that all necessary equipment such as floor buffers and vacuum cleaners are present on site for use.

The key benefits of a sparkle clean

  • Professionally managed cleaning service.
  • Most suitable equipment and materials to provide a highly desirable outcome.
  • Effectively implemented Health and Safety procedure ensures minimal hazard throughout site.
  • Our team finish when the work is signed off.




We are able to respond at short notice or if pre-appointed cleaning providers are not able to complete the work for you. We understand that project deadlines can easily be rescheduled; hence you might find yourself altering your completion plans… Just call us and you will still qualify for our fair pricing and services.

How we evaluate your requirements

We would usually ask for a site drawing, which should have all the necessary site information; otherwise, we are happy to arrange a site visit so that our pricing and understanding of your site is comprehensive. No matter what your construction cleaning requirements, we will always ensure you receive a high-quality cleaning service at a great value for money.


When your site is ready for the cleaning to commence, we will be there to serve your needs. We trade on our reputation so please ask us for our testimonials and we will be happy to discuss and provide our services to your requirements.


UK wide builders cleans and sparkle cleans

Our post construction cleaning team will supply all the necessary documents for the service.

This will include PPE, Method Statements and relevant Risk Assessments and all our cleaners hold valid CSCS cards.

Our post construction cleaning services and expertise include:

  • Builders Cleans
  • Sparkle Cleans
  • Post Refurbishment Cleans
  • Site Cleaning (site offices, compounds, sales offices, welfare facilities, canteens, washrooms, and locker rooms cleaning)